3rd Friday / Happy New Year!

Congratulations, Earth! You survived running another circle around the sun. I guess that's a good thing. Of course it is! Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this ridiculous email. You're welcome!

Had the Earth failed though, we could've been hurled into the sun and roasted like nuts, which would be a double whammy for those of you with nut allergies, or we'd freeze to death in deep space like a frozen pizza, which would suck for those of you with dairy issues - unless it was a cheese-less pizza, which isn't really a pizza but more of a flat bread with hipster toppings, such as kale.

Personally, I think it's an abomination to cook any leafy greens. If they were meant to be cooked they would grow in a pot or some other cooking device. I know what you're thinking: "But Warren, they don't grow in a salad bowl either, so your theory is stupid." Shut your spinach-hole! You're missing the point.

My point is this: It's 3rd Friday! Yada, yada, yada. 6-9pm at Golden Belt. Kale-free hipsters are welcome, but the jury is still out on hippies. Stay tuned.

But wait, there's more!

I'm thrilled to be included in the new exhibition at Light: Art + Design along with Jeff BellKiki Farish, Heather Gordon and Sallie WhiteThe opening reception is Friday 22nd from 6pm-9pm. It's a beautiful gallery with amazing artists.You better come to the opening or something might something something or another. Just kidding. Only something. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?

With thoughts of nut-covered pizzas smothered in cheese,


3rd friday / Folding Light reception

The Shape of Light

Holy Crap! This post is long! (Pretty pictures below.)

It's November already?! It feels like October was only last month instead of July being 4 months ago and next February being 3 months away. Who came up with this calendar anyway? I have a cunning plan to slow the passage of time. Bear with me - you'll thank me later.

We eliminate 11 months and only keep one. I vote for April since it only has 30 days and the weather doesn't suck as much. With January gone, there wouldn't be a New Year's Day to remind us of what we didn't accomplish last year. It will always be this year, so there's plenty of time for your ridiculous resolutions. Goodbye guilt!

"But, what about the holidays, Warren?" Stupid question! They all get moved to April, silly - except New Years. No more waiting 12 months between them. Now, every year we would only age 30 days and you would only get one stupid email from me per year. I know that would make all three of you very happy. I'm bound to lose a couple of you after this one. You're welcome! All in favor?

Speaking of stupid calendars, it's 47th Friday! For those of you terrified of large numbers, it's 3rd Friday!

 Pay attention, people! The following could get a little confusing for the weak of thought:

Heather Gordon and I will be at the Durham Arts Council from 5-8 pm Friday - kissing hands and shaking babies during the reception for our Folding Light exhibition. Come for the free booze and pretend you're looking at the art. That's what most people do anyway. You can read about the show in this week's Indy Week. It's online if you're prone to paper cuts. The show ends a week from this Saturday (11/28/15).

We'll both head back to our studios at Golden Belt afterwards - 8:15ish? My studio/bar will remain open well beyond 9pm to continue the celebration! FAIR WARNING: my studio will look like crap unless I decide to clean it up. I give it a 50/50 chance. I did shave off all my facial hair for the first time in years. That could be worth seeing, if you hate art. Who doesn't?!

SunTrust Gallery hours: M-Sa 9 am-9 pm / Sun 1-6 pm

See the show now or be seen not seeing it. I'd hate to see that happen.


Folding Light - Indy Weeek

Henry, Gordon and Hicks



SUNTRUST GALLERY AT THE DURHAM ART GUILD—If you haven't yet wrapped yourself in Folding Light, the collaborative installation by Durham artists Heather Gordon and Warren Hicks, tuck into this Third Friday reception before the show closes Nov. 28. It combines photography, video and sculpture into a stark yet humane black-and-white world.

The "Folding Portraits" series combines Hicks' photos of faces with Gordon's signature origami-like folds, with the patterns determined by the subjects' personal data, to create portraits that bulge with internal significance. The show also includes "The Shape of Light," a grid of 60 of Hicks' painterly photos on aluminum panels; "Moving Light," a series of video interviews with Durham artists, and other enchanting tricks of the light from two artists whose abstractions of space and information are well matched. 5–7 p.m., 120 Morris St., Durham, 919-560-2713, www.durhamartguild.org. —Brian Howe

view original article

Folding Light - Artist Talk


I'm excited to announce my new exhibition of photography and collaboration with Heather Gordon is officially open! This is my biggest and most important show to date. It only took 11 months of panicking to materialize. 


Heather and I are speaking with words tonight about the collaboration and our creative processes. The talk is free and open to the public. 7-8 pm at the SunTrust Gallery inside the Durham Arts Council building. 3000 sq. ft. of loving goodness! We hope you can attend. FREE booze!

P.S. - I also made a short film for the exhibition - my first. It was hailed as "juvenile" by an unidentified couple. Bingo! Nailed it.


Images acquired by Duke Archives

I am honored to announce these photographs were selected for inclusion in the Archive of Documentary Arts, Rubenstein Library at Duke University. Sweet!

Straight Up

A Wet Puddle

Flying the Not So Friendly Skies


SCOPE: The Southern Landscape

A Lot of Clouds

Visual Art Exchange gathers dozens of regional views in SCOPE: The Southern Landscape

by Julie Thomson

June 17, 2015

In this year's SCOPE: The Southern Landscape we witness 46 views of the landscape by 39 artists from 11 states, including North Carolina. Juried by Nasher Museum of Art curator Marshall Price, this survey includes subjects ranging from natural to postindustrial, as well as from abstract to realistic.

...Parts of the commercial landscape are visible in Warren Hicks' "A Lot of Clouds." His focus on the top of a parking-lot light against a dramatic backdrop of sky and clouds creates a relationship between natural and artificial light, where the complexity of the evening sky triumphs over the electric. Hicks' photograph also raises the possibility that this view could be anywhere, not just in the South, gesturing toward the growing similarity of corporate American landscapes...

view original article www.indyweek.com

3rd Friday / Procrastination

I thought of Something!  

Then I forgot. But I do know it's another month of new photos and another 3rd Friday email with a pathetically low level of thought thinking effort exerted. I procrastinate. There. I finally said it. I've been wanting to for a long time. Don't get me wrong. You are absolutely worth it, especially if you're continuing to read these stupid emails. (I stopped reading them a long time ago.) I've been incredibly busy doing something but I can't recall what it was. I'm sure you'd find it fascinating and quite heroic. I did. I think.

Speaking of acts of heroism - it's 3rd Friday at Golden Belt from 6-9pm. You know, a bunch of artists in cages lashing out at passersby. They fling their art (not poo) on their walls for show and tell. Like we did in grade school, except there might have been poo involved back then. Again, I forget.

Big night in the GB neighborhood! There is also a 2 year anniversary party/exhibition at Spectre Arts across the freakin' street from GB from 6-10pm! If you're already doing something, you might as well do it there.

The first photo is another from the accidental series called something like behind the scenes of the Nasher Museum. It's a lousy title, but in all fairness I haven't even thought about it. Thinking hurts me at the moment. Besides, there's only 3 images so far, so it's really not even a series, yet. Cut me some slack, please. 

3rd Friday / groshries

Be prepared!

When I was a Boy Scout I eventually learned the importance of being prepared. But, I'm embarrassed to admit that I never achieved Eagle Scout status - only because the deck was stacked against me. Apparently, you have to actually do stupid chores to earn merit badges. Who's the genius behind that decision? Don't tell me. I'll look it up later.

The problem wasn't me being lazy, it's the simple fact that those high and mighty Scout overlords don't offer merit badges for laziness or procrastination - unless they've added them recently. (I might look it up later, if I get around to it.) That's prejudice against lazy people and procrastinators, let alone people too lazy to procrastinate and procrastinators not quite ready to be lazy. Hell, these days 8 yr. olds get a certificate for participating in an event they clearly lost, even if they didn't participate. Where's the justice? 

Where was I? Be prepared! That's it. As a gesture of appreciation for you tolerating me and/or my emails all these years, I've created a printable shopping list for your convenience, so you'll always be prepared, too. You're welcome!

___fresh tree candy
___go! yurt!
___whole cow juice
___1/3 & 2/3
___ground cow chunks
___say cheese
___OJ did it
___stench-b-gone stick
___butt napkins
___ear plungers
___kitty shit sand
___kitty turd fuel
___booger blankets
___trashcan diapers
___add veal
___plague prevention bars

Speaking of the plague - it's 3rd Friday at Golden Belt from 6-9pm. I'll be there, so what's your excuse? Short notice? My bad. I'm an excellent procrastinator. Too bad they don't have a merit badge for that. Don't get me started!

Holy cow! There's a freakin' 24 hr. pop-up museum erection at GB tonight from 6pm until Saturday 6pm. My dear friend Rachel Herrick (click for details/event schedules) is the mastermind/evil genius behind the insanity. There are interactive events scheduled throughout the 24 hr. period. The Indy Week made her show their Pick of the Week. Don't miss it and don't even think about blaming me if you do. I might have a merit badge in some badass martial arts thing or something. You never know.

3rd Friday / new exhibition

Brrrrrrr · bun  [bour´bon] n.

Yes, my buns are cold. Stupid groundhog! Who put him in charge of the weather anyway? Granted, he is just as reliable as your average meteorologist. No offense, mr. groundhog. Just kidding, I meant all and as much offense to you as possible. Go make love to yourself!

If that overgrown, ground-dwelling, shadow-fearing over-glorified rat sees his shadow then we all have to suffer longer in the bitter cold? Whose dumb idea was that? Why don't we just slap a board over his hidey hole and toss some bricks on top? Now, who's going to see his shadow? I didn't think so.

Or, we could poke him in his looking globes with a pointy stick and have the children throw snowballs at him all day. I hear kids love that stuff. Well, I can't say that with any authority because I'm not a parent. My doctor says I'm allergic to children and the EpiPen is useless. *sigh!*

I almost forgot - Old Man Winter, I'd like for you to meet Dr. Jack Kevorkian. He's all yours, Jack. The dental tools are on the table. I'll be in my studio if you need me.

Speaking of being in my studio - it's 3rd Friday! (Not today, but Friday - duh) Blah, blah, blah, Golden Belt Studios from 6-9pm. Blah, blah, blah. Multiple new living artists, popup exhibitions, blah, blah, blah, unicorns on the grill and topless mermaids BOWL DANCING.You're welcome! 

I also have work in the show below along with four other great artists. The Indy Week made our opening reception their Pick of the Week last week and used my image. So, I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Ackland Museum Store
Necessary Work
group invitational
Feb. 13 - April 5, 2015

Be there or send someone hipper in your place - if you don't go, it should be real easy.

New Exhibition!


Prism Sails - photo courtesy of the artist  


ACKLAND MUSEUM STORE—Durham invades Chapel Hill in Necessary Work, a new exhibit by Golden Belt artists at the Ackland Museum Store. Curated by Heather Gordon, who is behind the "Off the Radar" pop-up shows at Golden Belt, the exhibit features a diverse, lively array of mixed-media work.... painter and photographer Warren Hicks creates numinous effects in abstractions such as "Prism Sails" (seen above). Following this opening reception, the show runs through April 4. 6 p.m., 100 E. Franklin St.,

Chapel Hill, 919-962-0216, www.ackland.org/shop. Brian Howe, Indy Week

3rd Friday / New Definitions

I was going to say_________.

Sometimes there just isn't a word that exists to accurately get my point across, even though most of my best points are moot. The most obvious solution was to write my own dictionary. I think I'm up for the challenge. I already have 2 1/2 words completed after only five months! Thank you! I'm impressed with myself, too. Here's a word I think all of you might wear out in a week's time - I did. You're welcome!

cloath-ing   \ˈklō-thiŋ\  noun


  1. The things people wear to cover their bodies while they're loathing something, someone, or everything.
  2. Angry garments in general.   See also: haute hate

 cloath-ing   \ˈklō-thiŋ\ verb


Loathing what your mom made you wear to school even though you kind of like it under better circumstances.

  1. "Quit cloathing, you little brat or I'll make you wear the cheese hat, too. The real cheese hat - not the foam cheese slice Packers' fans wear on their heads. That would be cruel.

It's 3rd Friday at Golden Belt! Hooray! There is so much happening tonight. Click here for details.

1. open studios from 6-9 pm
2. screen printing and encaustic painting demonstrations.
3. Holy cow!  The Shed is a new jazz venue at GB. They open tonight with Muningu, a fantastic afro-jazz ensemble from the Republic of Congo, starting at 7PM.
4. Spectre Arts is an awesome gallery across the street and has an a opening tonight as well.

Be there or you'll end up somewhere else!

3rd Friday / Clean underwear

Don't leave home without it (them?). Seriously, this isn't just good advice for kids anymore. It's rock-solid advice for all ages. You're welcome! No, I didn't have an incident [recently] that inspired this PSA, but thanks for asking.

Speaking of underwear, don't get your panties in a wad - settle down, this includes everyone - just because you haven't seen my solo show at Artspace yet. Well, de-wad if need be because the mayhem continues through Nov. 1st. Huzzah!

If you're too terrified to leave Durham you can redeem yourself this 3rd Friday from 5-7pm. I have a photo in the current exhibition at the Durham Art Guild: Pixels and Grain - curated by Jeff Whetstone - as part of the Click! Triangle Photography Festival. I'll be there until 7:00 then head over to Golden Belt to chillax in my studio until 9:00. Of course you're invited, goofball!

3rd Friday - September, 2013 / $5 paintings

$5 Painting Sale!

That's right. You heard me. $5 paintings are available at most thrift stores and Goodwill shops. But would you really want to hang one on your walls? There's probably nothing wrong with that but the artist doesn't receive any of the proceeds. That's like kicking food out of a baby's mouth, kind of. If you'd rather shove the money into an artist's mouth you should buy from one directly. You know where to find me - just bring some extra zeros.

It's 3rd Friday again at Golden Belt Studios from 6-9pm. 32 studios, a butt-load of art and a studio filled to the rafters with red balloons for you to play in. Please leave your daggers and swords at the door!

Are you feeling too focused lately? Let me distract you with some shiny new images of stuff that fell out of my head recently. Give your finger some much needed exercise and scroll down, slowly, you don't want to pull a muscle. Enjoy!


"  I'm Too Lazy To Title This #9  "    acrylic on paper   12x12 in.   

"I'm Too Lazy To Title This #9"
acrylic on paper
12x12 in.

"  The Shadowshifters  "   photography   

"The Shadowshifters"

" Swallow the Leader " mixed media  animals

"Swallow the Leader"
mixed media

3rd Friday - August, 2013 / Live Nudes

Live Nudes!

They're out there somewhere, but not in my studio. Sorry. I'm abstract.

After the success of the FREE BEER! headline last month, I thought I'd try something new. Bear with me. (No, not bare with me.)

I'm sure you've seen places on the highway advertising such things though. It makes you think that somewhere out there there's a competitor advertising Dead Nudes! Don't eat the food!

It's 3rd Friday again at Golden Belt Studios from 6-9pm. "But Warren", you might ask, "wasn't there a 3rd Friday last month?" (Is there really such a thing as a stupid question? Think about that stupid question for a moment before you ask the other. I'll wait.)

While you're thinking, think about driving to Greenville, NC to see my painting (below) in the Greenville Museum of Art's Biennial exhibition: September 6th - October 6th. Opening reception on Friday, September 6th from 5:30 - 7:00pm. I would go if you had a painting there. Seriously. So you owe me!

Hope you're having a great summer! (even if you stopped reading this email by now. I forgive you. I almost didn't make it this far myself!)


"Two Blues"
acrylic on canvas
12x9 in.

It's FOOTBALL season!

" Touchdown! " mixed media (I forgot to measure it but it's life-size)

mixed media
(I forgot to measure it but it's life-size)

3rd Friday / Rubberneckers

If I had a nickel...

for every time someone said, "if I had a nickel", I'd have just enough nickels to ping everyrubbernecker in the back of the neck with a sling-shot. I don't want to kill them (jk), I just want them to think twice about stopping on the highway to gawk at whatever roadside attraction has caused them to back up traffic for 20 miles. Although, if there was a leprechaun impaled on a unicorn on the side of the road, I'd probably stop too, but that's the ONLY exception.

If my plan works, their necks will be too sore to turn and stare with glazed eyes. The nickel should also leave a permanent Jefferson imprint on their neck - like a scarlet letter - so others can mock them in public. They can keep their nickel as a reminder. You're welcome!

I know what you're thinking: "But, Warren, that sounds cruel." You know what that tells me? You're one of them! Otherwise, you'd be slinging nickels right beside me. You're also probably one of those awesome drivers that crosses over a turning lane instead of turning from within it. Nice job!

I'm only bringing this up in hope that you won't have any of these issues on your way to Golden Belttonight for 3rd Friday from 6-9pm. I will have several photos on display as well as several pieces from my Talkboard series (chalkboard writings) which will also be on exhibit at Artspace in October. I will have all of the images on my site before then. I also have 5 stuffed animal photos currently on display at Artspace as well.

There are so many things to see in Durham tonight you better see something or else I will. One must see Jeff Bell's exhibition at Spectre Arts - across the street from Golden Belt. GB has several (7?) new artists that arrived this month. This isn't you grandmother's GB!
Unless she's been there in the past week.

If you pay attention to the images below, you might notice there is a lack of color. Do not adjust your monitor or it might explode.



"Note To Self #1" acrylic and pastel on masonite 36x24 in.

"Note To Self #1"
acrylic and pastel on masonite
36x24 in.

"  Night, Night, Blank Pages #1  "  photography

"Night, Night, Blank Pages #1"

"Night, Night, Blank Pages #2"  photography

"Night, Night, Blank Pages #2"

3rd Friday / Troll Traps

Useless troll traps!

I finally have a new larger studio (still at GB: #3-104) with 100 extra sq. ft. of stuff-making space! Hooray for me! I'm a BIG BOY now. Old studio, say hello to goodbye. New studio, get ready to be used like you're the only napkin at a BBQ rib eating contest. Just a friendly heads-up.

I used to paint purdy pictures in the bottom of the drainage ditch out back of me crib, until the devastating leprechaun invasion of 2008. I only had troll traps surrounding my studio ditch at the time - as instructed by the Farmer's Almanac. Lousy almanac! I never would of dreamed it would be the leprechauns that would betray me. Those pesky little so-and-so's (pardon my French) broke all of my brushes and ate all of my paint like it was Leprechaun Chow®. Apparently it is. I always thoughtLeprechaun Chow® was made of leprechauns, not for them. Maybe that was just wishful thinking. Lousy chow! 

I'm still waiting for them to poop rainbows or pass some rainbow gas. Considering the spectrum of colors they shoveled down their hue-holes, they should be quite lovely. Yes, children, this is how rainbows are made. You're parents lied to you, again. Remember Santa Claus? The kidney-stone fairy? Alf? That's right - Alf. Deal with it.

Speaking of rainbows - if there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, which end? Both? Why weren't we informed of this sooner? We might have tried harder to find two. Sure, finding one pot of gold is ok - but two? That's almost worth talking about trying harder to think about doing. If not, that might explain why no one has ever found one - we keep looking at the wrong end

Speaking of wrong ends, don't look at your own this 3rd Friday at GB Studios from 6-9pm examining your colon - unless that's on your vacation itinerary. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm not one to judge, but there are better things to look at at GB this month. No offense. I'm sure you have the cutest colon of them all.

There will be special guest artists tomorrow night exhibiting there skills as well as a pizza truck: Pie Pushers

Slap on your seeing-goggles, people. There are looking-targets below.


This is the new studio as of a few days ago. It's not much better today but it will be safe for passage Friday night. 

This is the new studio as of a few days ago. It's not much better today but it will be safe for passage Friday night. 

"  Rust Rot Row  "  photography

"Rust Rot Row"

"  Puddle  "  photography


3rd Friday / Toedown

A good 'ol fashion toedown!

If I'm counting my toes correctly, and I'm pretty sure I am, (I tattooed numbers on them so I could count better, like them city-folk does. I just have to remember to start on my left foot at the pinky-toe. Otherwise, things could go horribly wrong. I also have to remember that I had to switch the #10 tattoo with the #6 because the right pinky-toe was too small for double digits. Stupid digits!

Now things get more complicated if I have to count beyond 5. Thank a horny-rabid unicorn there isn't a 6th Friday. Otherwise, I could potentially send my email out on the 10th Friday of every month by mistake. (That sounds like a Socialist calendar to me!)

It's 3rd Thursday! So what? So?! So, that means tomorrow is 3rd Friday at Golden Belt Studios from 6-9pm, silly! Pay attention! This is critical information: If you're reading this email tomorrow, then 3rd Friday is tonight. If it's Saturday, 3rd Friday is in 4 weeks. If it's Sunday or beyond you need to look at your Socialist calendar to figure it out. I already put my socks on.   

Don't forget about the new community supported art program called Welcome! Art In Your Home. It's based on the community supported agriculture model. A "share" costs $250 and you'll receive 7 pieces of art, one each from 7 local artists that were selected by a jury. I'm contributing a matted abstract b/w photo that is exclusive to this program. There are only 50 shares available. Here's more info if you're curious:
Durham Herald-Sun article
Open Art Society  

If I don't see you someone else probably will. Unless you're an Olympic hiding medalist. Congratulations! 


"  A Wet Puddle  "  photography

"A Wet Puddle"

"  Fun Guy #2  "  photography

"Fun Guy #2"

" Long Daddy Legs "  photography

"Long Daddy Legs"

3rd Friday / Party Invitation

An Invitation to the best summer party of the year!

may arrive in your inbox if someone you know might throw such a thing. Let me know if they do. That'd be pretty cool. But you know what would be really awesome? If you threw a huge party yourself and invited me (+1: Martha). I promise I'll hardly steal anything. I rarely do. Thanks! You're the best. You can just copy and paste the top line into the subject line of your email invitation. Now that's easy. You're welcome! I'll start hitting the send/receive button constantly until I receive it.

Since I'm in a good mood, I'll return the favor and offer you an invitation to 3rd Friday at Golden Belt studios (tomorrow)! You know the drill: Friday night 6-9pm. Besides the regular crew of 30+ artists, there are some really cool guests artists this month exhibiting in two different studios for Friday night only: Raleigh artists, Juliana Rodriguez and her Revolver Dolls project and abstract paintings by Martha Thorn in a show titled PROCESSING. 

I'm also involved in a new community supported art program called Welcome: Art In Your Home. It's based on the community supported agriculture model. A "share" costs $250 and you'll receive 7 pieces of art, one each from 7 local artists that were selected by a jury (I'm one of them). The early bird special is $225. I am contributing a matted abstract b/w photo that is exclusive to this program. There are only 50 shares available. Here's more info if you're curious:
Durham Herald-Sun article
Open Art Society

New paintings are in the works. Here are some other things to stare at in the meantime. Pretend they're shiny keys. The first image is from a new photo series of 12 called Wiped Out. I've added them all to my web site. Spoiler alert: It's a paper towel in a bucket. The second image is another piece from my Talkboards series. I don't know what the hell the third image is. I was in a funny mood that day.

Remember, slather your skin in butter before going out in the sun. Or maybe it's don't slather your skin in butter. I can't remember. Either way, fry safely! And don't forget to invite me to your parties!  


 "  Chocolate Will Make You Go Blind  " chalk, blackboard paint on wood 14x11 in.

 "Chocolate Will Make You Go Blind"
chalk, blackboard paint on wood
14x11 in.

"   Wiped Out #10   "   photography

"Wiped Out #10"

"  A Hammer in Birds' Clothing or Killing Me Softly  " feathers, rubber mallet

"A Hammer in Birds' Clothing or Killing Me Softly"
feathers, rubber mallet










"   Wiped Out #3   "   photography   

"Wiped Out #3"