2012 solo exhibitions announced!

Hooray for me! I've just secured my third solo show for 2012, all within a six month period. I want to produce three separate bodies of work so I'm not just shuffling paintings from one venue to the next. This is quite a challenge and I'm already starting to sweat. The dates seem far away on paper but the work needs to be completed at least two months beforehand. The reality is that I can’t paint every day and more importantly, and unfortunately, every painting I make isn’t always that good. Some just suck. The other brick dangling over my head is the constant fear of running out of ideas or just becoming repetitive. That’s the nature of the creative beast. She’s a harsh mistress.

February 2012: ArtSpace, Raleigh
April 2012: Durham Art Guild, Durham, NC
July 2012: Horace Williams House, Chapel Hill, NC