3rd Friday - August, 2013 / Live Nudes

Live Nudes!

They're out there somewhere, but not in my studio. Sorry. I'm abstract.

After the success of the FREE BEER! headline last month, I thought I'd try something new. Bear with me. (No, not bare with me.)

I'm sure you've seen places on the highway advertising such things though. It makes you think that somewhere out there there's a competitor advertising Dead Nudes! Don't eat the food!

It's 3rd Friday again at Golden Belt Studios from 6-9pm. "But Warren", you might ask, "wasn't there a 3rd Friday last month?" (Is there really such a thing as a stupid question? Think about that stupid question for a moment before you ask the other. I'll wait.)

While you're thinking, think about driving to Greenville, NC to see my painting (below) in the Greenville Museum of Art's Biennial exhibition: September 6th - October 6th. Opening reception on Friday, September 6th from 5:30 - 7:00pm. I would go if you had a painting there. Seriously. So you owe me!

Hope you're having a great summer! (even if you stopped reading this email by now. I forgive you. I almost didn't make it this far myself!)


"Two Blues"
acrylic on canvas
12x9 in.

It's FOOTBALL season!

" Touchdown! " mixed media (I forgot to measure it but it's life-size)

mixed media
(I forgot to measure it but it's life-size)