3rd Friday / Zombies

Seasoned Greetings!

Baby, it's cold outside! But don't roast your nuts on an open fire, no matter what the song says! And if someone is nipping at your nose, make sure you trust them. You never know, a stranger might consider nipping as chewing (see below). Offer them a stick of gum instead. Safety first!

This Friday is the last 3rd Friday of 2013 at Golden Belt studios in downtown Durham! 35 studios filled with INSANE ARTISTS! Consider it an open house at the psych ward. Or maybe as a pass to visit monkeys inside their cages at the zoo. CAREFUL! They might fling poo at you if you look them in the eyes.

I will be accepting FREE BEER and LOBSTERS at my studio. Bring a bucket full of each and receive an autographed thank you note written on a dirty napkin. Oh my! You're welcome!

I'm currently doing a series of baseball card-sized paintings for the Holidays. I'll have several of them displayed for 3rd Friday at the low, low price of $25 (unframed). I wanted to offer affordable, original art as a way of saying thanks to everyone that has supported and encouraged me over the years! Every year keeps getting better and better! Thank you!

BUT WAIT! There's more. I also have paintings in the annual Winter Show at Greenhill in downtown Greensboro, NC. Three of the four paintings sold before the opening! It's an amazing exhibition of 130 of NC's best artists (and me) in a large beautiful gallery. I'm honored to be included! The exhibition is up until January 12th, 2014. Check it out!

May your New Year be ZOMBIE free!


" Give It To Me Straight "  photography   2013

"Give It To Me Straight"

"Exhaustion"  photography   2013