3rd Friday / WTF?


That's right. Why The Frown? Oh, you must've heard I won't be at my studio this 3rd Friday. Well, that makes sense. Turn that frown upside down. I'll be back soon! But don't let my absence stop you from going to Golden Belt anyway, unless you only come by for my booze (you know who you are). BTW - I keep the door locked.

I have a new painting to share but sadly, no photo. (Remember what I said about frowning?!)  This time you'll have to use your own imagination. Pretend I painted something real purdy.

If you still open these emails, you might have noticed I've been doing a fair amount of photography lately. Still loving the hell out of it too! I haven't stopped painting, nor do I plan to, but I also can't ignore the alternating sources of inspiration as they appear. Ride the pony while it's hot. And I must say I am very excited about the stuffed animal series. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them.


" National Champions " mixed media 2013

"National Champions"
mixed media

"  Cat or Pillar?  "    photography   2013

"Cat or Pillar?"