3rd Friday - September, 2013 / $5 paintings

$5 Painting Sale!

That's right. You heard me. $5 paintings are available at most thrift stores and Goodwill shops. But would you really want to hang one on your walls? There's probably nothing wrong with that but the artist doesn't receive any of the proceeds. That's like kicking food out of a baby's mouth, kind of. If you'd rather shove the money into an artist's mouth you should buy from one directly. You know where to find me - just bring some extra zeros.

It's 3rd Friday again at Golden Belt Studios from 6-9pm. 32 studios, a butt-load of art and a studio filled to the rafters with red balloons for you to play in. Please leave your daggers and swords at the door!

Are you feeling too focused lately? Let me distract you with some shiny new images of stuff that fell out of my head recently. Give your finger some much needed exercise and scroll down, slowly, you don't want to pull a muscle. Enjoy!


"  I'm Too Lazy To Title This #9  "    acrylic on paper   12x12 in.   

"I'm Too Lazy To Title This #9"
acrylic on paper
12x12 in.

"  The Shadowshifters  "   photography   

"The Shadowshifters"

" Swallow the Leader " mixed media  animals

"Swallow the Leader"
mixed media