3rd Friday / groshries

Be prepared!

When I was a Boy Scout I eventually learned the importance of being prepared. But, I'm embarrassed to admit that I never achieved Eagle Scout status - only because the deck was stacked against me. Apparently, you have to actually do stupid chores to earn merit badges. Who's the genius behind that decision? Don't tell me. I'll look it up later.

The problem wasn't me being lazy, it's the simple fact that those high and mighty Scout overlords don't offer merit badges for laziness or procrastination - unless they've added them recently. (I might look it up later, if I get around to it.) That's prejudice against lazy people and procrastinators, let alone people too lazy to procrastinate and procrastinators not quite ready to be lazy. Hell, these days 8 yr. olds get a certificate for participating in an event they clearly lost, even if they didn't participate. Where's the justice? 

Where was I? Be prepared! That's it. As a gesture of appreciation for you tolerating me and/or my emails all these years, I've created a printable shopping list for your convenience, so you'll always be prepared, too. You're welcome!

___fresh tree candy
___go! yurt!
___whole cow juice
___1/3 & 2/3
___ground cow chunks
___say cheese
___OJ did it
___stench-b-gone stick
___butt napkins
___ear plungers
___kitty shit sand
___kitty turd fuel
___booger blankets
___trashcan diapers
___add veal
___plague prevention bars

Speaking of the plague - it's 3rd Friday at Golden Belt from 6-9pm. I'll be there, so what's your excuse? Short notice? My bad. I'm an excellent procrastinator. Too bad they don't have a merit badge for that. Don't get me started!

Holy cow! There's a freakin' 24 hr. pop-up museum erection at GB tonight from 6pm until Saturday 6pm. My dear friend Rachel Herrick (click for details/event schedules) is the mastermind/evil genius behind the insanity. There are interactive events scheduled throughout the 24 hr. period. The Indy Week made her show their Pick of the Week. Don't miss it and don't even think about blaming me if you do. I might have a merit badge in some badass martial arts thing or something. You never know.