3rd Friday / New Definitions

I was going to say_________.

Sometimes there just isn't a word that exists to accurately get my point across, even though most of my best points are moot. The most obvious solution was to write my own dictionary. I think I'm up for the challenge. I already have 2 1/2 words completed after only five months! Thank you! I'm impressed with myself, too. Here's a word I think all of you might wear out in a week's time - I did. You're welcome!

cloath-ing   \ˈklō-thiŋ\  noun


  1. The things people wear to cover their bodies while they're loathing something, someone, or everything.
  2. Angry garments in general.   See also: haute hate

 cloath-ing   \ˈklō-thiŋ\ verb


Loathing what your mom made you wear to school even though you kind of like it under better circumstances.

  1. "Quit cloathing, you little brat or I'll make you wear the cheese hat, too. The real cheese hat - not the foam cheese slice Packers' fans wear on their heads. That would be cruel.

It's 3rd Friday at Golden Belt! Hooray! There is so much happening tonight. Click here for details.

1. open studios from 6-9 pm
2. screen printing and encaustic painting demonstrations.
3. Holy cow!  The Shed is a new jazz venue at GB. They open tonight with Muningu, a fantastic afro-jazz ensemble from the Republic of Congo, starting at 7PM.
4. Spectre Arts is an awesome gallery across the street and has an a opening tonight as well.

Be there or you'll end up somewhere else!