3rd Friday / Procrastination

I thought of Something!  

Then I forgot. But I do know it's another month of new photos and another 3rd Friday email with a pathetically low level of thought thinking effort exerted. I procrastinate. There. I finally said it. I've been wanting to for a long time. Don't get me wrong. You are absolutely worth it, especially if you're continuing to read these stupid emails. (I stopped reading them a long time ago.) I've been incredibly busy doing something but I can't recall what it was. I'm sure you'd find it fascinating and quite heroic. I did. I think.

Speaking of acts of heroism - it's 3rd Friday at Golden Belt from 6-9pm. You know, a bunch of artists in cages lashing out at passersby. They fling their art (not poo) on their walls for show and tell. Like we did in grade school, except there might have been poo involved back then. Again, I forget.

Big night in the GB neighborhood! There is also a 2 year anniversary party/exhibition at Spectre Arts across the freakin' street from GB from 6-10pm! If you're already doing something, you might as well do it there.

The first photo is another from the accidental series called something like behind the scenes of the Nasher Museum. It's a lousy title, but in all fairness I haven't even thought about it. Thinking hurts me at the moment. Besides, there's only 3 images so far, so it's really not even a series, yet. Cut me some slack, please.