SCOPE: The Southern Landscape

A Lot of Clouds

Visual Art Exchange gathers dozens of regional views in SCOPE: The Southern Landscape

by Julie Thomson

June 17, 2015

In this year's SCOPE: The Southern Landscape we witness 46 views of the landscape by 39 artists from 11 states, including North Carolina. Juried by Nasher Museum of Art curator Marshall Price, this survey includes subjects ranging from natural to postindustrial, as well as from abstract to realistic.

...Parts of the commercial landscape are visible in Warren Hicks' "A Lot of Clouds." His focus on the top of a parking-lot light against a dramatic backdrop of sky and clouds creates a relationship between natural and artificial light, where the complexity of the evening sky triumphs over the electric. Hicks' photograph also raises the possibility that this view could be anywhere, not just in the South, gesturing toward the growing similarity of corporate American landscapes...

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