Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival

Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival - Cary, NC

In 2004 I made a proposal to do the poster and T-shirt design for the annual Lazy Daze festival in Cary, NC. They accepted my concept and left me alone to do my work. I spent six weeks on the project altogether, two weeks on the design and four weeks on the actual painting. It was the first time I did a commissioned piece and there was a deadline to deal with along with the stress of it all. The painting came down to the wire and I was a wreck. But I'm happy with the end result and they were too. 

Lazy Daze is during the last weekend of August, in the South, so it gets quite hot. Projectile sweating comes to mind. I don't do outdoor shows or festivals for several reasons: the weather is an unknown factor; the public attending them aren't typically looking to purchase fine art; crafts are king along with deep-fried sorrow sticks and it's just not worth the hassle, financially or emotionally.

But the good folks in Cary requested me to exhibit my work and I was more than happy to oblige since they gave me the opportunity to participate in the first place. I was given a prime location so they could have me sign posters and T-shirts. You know you're well on your way to delusions of grandeur when you're asked to sign stuff you made. All aboard the crazy train. Next stop, Reality Station.