3rd Friday / XOXO


Happy belated (sorry about that) Valentine's Day! I guess.

Now that we have that awkwardness out of the way, let's get down to business. I'll try to keep this brief. Some people only want to look at stuff and not feel obligated to read, whether or not they even can. Just kidding! You guys are great!

In case you weren't counting, it's 3rd Friday (I think....yup!) at Golden Belt studios in downtown Durham from 6-9pm! 35 studios filled with... ARTISTS! Wow! "Are they tame?" little Timmy might ask. Well of course we...they are.

This new painting is the result of the small test image that I sent you last month. (I hope you're keeping track. There will be a quiz soon on the images from my I Get All of These Ideas From the Outer-space Donkey Overlord period.)

The other two images are photos, obviously, just like it says below them. I've updated the photo gallery on my Web site. There are several images that haven't been in any of my emails. You can check them out in-between Olympic events. My favorite event so far? Watching water freeze. Who knew it would be more thrilling than ice dancing? I did!!!!

Look. Rinse. Repeat.


" Separation Collider " acrylic on linen strips stretched over linen 48x36 in.

"Separation Collider"
acrylic on linen strips stretched over linen
48x36 in.

" Snonut "  photography  2014


" Snow Rack "  photography  2014

"Snow Rack"