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Henry, Gordon and Hicks



SUNTRUST GALLERY AT THE DURHAM ART GUILD—If you haven't yet wrapped yourself in Folding Light, the collaborative installation by Durham artists Heather Gordon and Warren Hicks, tuck into this Third Friday reception before the show closes Nov. 28. It combines photography, video and sculpture into a stark yet humane black-and-white world.

The "Folding Portraits" series combines Hicks' photos of faces with Gordon's signature origami-like folds, with the patterns determined by the subjects' personal data, to create portraits that bulge with internal significance. The show also includes "The Shape of Light," a grid of 60 of Hicks' painterly photos on aluminum panels; "Moving Light," a series of video interviews with Durham artists, and other enchanting tricks of the light from two artists whose abstractions of space and information are well matched. 5–7 p.m., 120 Morris St., Durham, 919-560-2713, —Brian Howe

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