3rd Friday / twerking in a man-thong

Well, why didn't you say so?

So you're tired of looking at static art on the walls? This 3rd Friday (yup, this one) I'll be twerking in a man-thong to Justin Bieber's reading of the Gettysburg Address which he recorded during his Miami jail visit. You can watch this amazing performance for the low, low cost of a $buck per twerk. Whoa! You're welcome! There will also be static art on the walls to cleanse your eyes.

The first image is a sculpture I made specifically for a museum exhibition that got canceled. "Well that sucks!" Right? All is not lost. It provided me the opportunity to make something completely different. This is the first time I've incorporated writing into my visual work. I've included more photos and the entire text copy on my blog. Check it out when you've finished milking your cat. blah, blah, blog

I have two works (below) in the Durham Art Guild's current juried exhibition Face to Face: a photo I took of my lovely wife Martha and my dartboard self-portrait. The opening reception is this 3rd Friday from 5-7pm. I'll be there kissing hands and shaking babies before I head to my studio at Golden Belt for the final two hours of the evening: 7-9pm. You can click this link to see all of the participating artists. Face to Face exhibition info

I'll also be in two exhibitions next month (April) in Raleigh.

Remember, no matter where you've been, there you were.


" The Social Shredder " acrylic paint and vinyl on wood 70 x 24 in. 2013 

"The Social Shredder"
acrylic paint and vinyl on wood
70 x 24 in.

" Artsy Martha "  photography  2013

"Artsy Martha"

"My Third Eye Is A Bullseye "  self-portrait, dartboard, dart   2013

"My Third Eye Is A Bullseye"
self-portrait, dartboard, dart