3rd Friday / Puppies and Kittens

FREE! Puppies and kittens...

will be fighting the first rounds of a Fluffy Death Match Royale in my studio/arena tomorrow night (3rd Friday) from 6-9 pm. Tickets are FREE! The prizes consist of tennis balls and paper bags. Winners get to choose the prize of their liking! They're welcome! Side note: Gambling is illegal so there won't be any of that going on. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Know what I mean? Say no more. Carry on.

I almost forgot! The first five spectators through the door get a free beer, to share amongst themselves. Who loves ya?!

These photos are from our trip to DC last week. Fertile ground!

Be multiple and fruit fly.

Indubitably Yours,

"  How Many?  "   photography   2014   

"How Many?"

"Bench With A View"   photography   2014

"Bench With A View"