3rd Friday / Troll Traps

Useless troll traps!

I finally have a new larger studio (still at GB: #3-104) with 100 extra sq. ft. of stuff-making space! Hooray for me! I'm a BIG BOY now. Old studio, say hello to goodbye. New studio, get ready to be used like you're the only napkin at a BBQ rib eating contest. Just a friendly heads-up.

I used to paint purdy pictures in the bottom of the drainage ditch out back of me crib, until the devastating leprechaun invasion of 2008. I only had troll traps surrounding my studio ditch at the time - as instructed by the Farmer's Almanac. Lousy almanac! I never would of dreamed it would be the leprechauns that would betray me. Those pesky little so-and-so's (pardon my French) broke all of my brushes and ate all of my paint like it was Leprechaun Chow®. Apparently it is. I always thoughtLeprechaun Chow® was made of leprechauns, not for them. Maybe that was just wishful thinking. Lousy chow! 

I'm still waiting for them to poop rainbows or pass some rainbow gas. Considering the spectrum of colors they shoveled down their hue-holes, they should be quite lovely. Yes, children, this is how rainbows are made. You're parents lied to you, again. Remember Santa Claus? The kidney-stone fairy? Alf? That's right - Alf. Deal with it.

Speaking of rainbows - if there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, which end? Both? Why weren't we informed of this sooner? We might have tried harder to find two. Sure, finding one pot of gold is ok - but two? That's almost worth talking about trying harder to think about doing. If not, that might explain why no one has ever found one - we keep looking at the wrong end

Speaking of wrong ends, don't look at your own this 3rd Friday at GB Studios from 6-9pm examining your colon - unless that's on your vacation itinerary. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm not one to judge, but there are better things to look at at GB this month. No offense. I'm sure you have the cutest colon of them all.

There will be special guest artists tomorrow night exhibiting there skills as well as a pizza truck: Pie Pushers

Slap on your seeing-goggles, people. There are looking-targets below.


This is the new studio as of a few days ago. It's not much better today but it will be safe for passage Friday night. 

This is the new studio as of a few days ago. It's not much better today but it will be safe for passage Friday night. 

"  Rust Rot Row  "  photography

"Rust Rot Row"

"  Puddle  "  photography