3rd Friday / Toedown

A good 'ol fashion toedown!

If I'm counting my toes correctly, and I'm pretty sure I am, (I tattooed numbers on them so I could count better, like them city-folk does. I just have to remember to start on my left foot at the pinky-toe. Otherwise, things could go horribly wrong. I also have to remember that I had to switch the #10 tattoo with the #6 because the right pinky-toe was too small for double digits. Stupid digits!

Now things get more complicated if I have to count beyond 5. Thank a horny-rabid unicorn there isn't a 6th Friday. Otherwise, I could potentially send my email out on the 10th Friday of every month by mistake. (That sounds like a Socialist calendar to me!)

It's 3rd Thursday! So what? So?! So, that means tomorrow is 3rd Friday at Golden Belt Studios from 6-9pm, silly! Pay attention! This is critical information: If you're reading this email tomorrow, then 3rd Friday is tonight. If it's Saturday, 3rd Friday is in 4 weeks. If it's Sunday or beyond you need to look at your Socialist calendar to figure it out. I already put my socks on.   

Don't forget about the new community supported art program called Welcome! Art In Your Home. It's based on the community supported agriculture model. A "share" costs $250 and you'll receive 7 pieces of art, one each from 7 local artists that were selected by a jury. I'm contributing a matted abstract b/w photo that is exclusive to this program. There are only 50 shares available. Here's more info if you're curious:
Durham Herald-Sun article
Open Art Society  

If I don't see you someone else probably will. Unless you're an Olympic hiding medalist. Congratulations! 


"  A Wet Puddle  "  photography

"A Wet Puddle"

"  Fun Guy #2  "  photography

"Fun Guy #2"

" Long Daddy Legs "  photography

"Long Daddy Legs"