3rd Friday / Party Invitation

An Invitation to the best summer party of the year!

may arrive in your inbox if someone you know might throw such a thing. Let me know if they do. That'd be pretty cool. But you know what would be really awesome? If you threw a huge party yourself and invited me (+1: Martha). I promise I'll hardly steal anything. I rarely do. Thanks! You're the best. You can just copy and paste the top line into the subject line of your email invitation. Now that's easy. You're welcome! I'll start hitting the send/receive button constantly until I receive it.

Since I'm in a good mood, I'll return the favor and offer you an invitation to 3rd Friday at Golden Belt studios (tomorrow)! You know the drill: Friday night 6-9pm. Besides the regular crew of 30+ artists, there are some really cool guests artists this month exhibiting in two different studios for Friday night only: Raleigh artists, Juliana Rodriguez and her Revolver Dolls project and abstract paintings by Martha Thorn in a show titled PROCESSING. 

I'm also involved in a new community supported art program called Welcome: Art In Your Home. It's based on the community supported agriculture model. A "share" costs $250 and you'll receive 7 pieces of art, one each from 7 local artists that were selected by a jury (I'm one of them). The early bird special is $225. I am contributing a matted abstract b/w photo that is exclusive to this program. There are only 50 shares available. Here's more info if you're curious:
Durham Herald-Sun article
Open Art Society

New paintings are in the works. Here are some other things to stare at in the meantime. Pretend they're shiny keys. The first image is from a new photo series of 12 called Wiped Out. I've added them all to my web site. Spoiler alert: It's a paper towel in a bucket. The second image is another piece from my Talkboards series. I don't know what the hell the third image is. I was in a funny mood that day.

Remember, slather your skin in butter before going out in the sun. Or maybe it's don't slather your skin in butter. I can't remember. Either way, fry safely! And don't forget to invite me to your parties!  


 "  Chocolate Will Make You Go Blind  " chalk, blackboard paint on wood 14x11 in.

 "Chocolate Will Make You Go Blind"
chalk, blackboard paint on wood
14x11 in.

"   Wiped Out #10   "   photography

"Wiped Out #10"

"  A Hammer in Birds' Clothing or Killing Me Softly  " feathers, rubber mallet

"A Hammer in Birds' Clothing or Killing Me Softly"
feathers, rubber mallet










"   Wiped Out #3   "   photography   

"Wiped Out #3"