3rd Friday / Clean underwear

Don't leave home without it (them?). Seriously, this isn't just good advice for kids anymore. It's rock-solid advice for all ages. You're welcome! No, I didn't have an incident [recently] that inspired this PSA, but thanks for asking.

Speaking of underwear, don't get your panties in a wad - settle down, this includes everyone - just because you haven't seen my solo show at Artspace yet. Well, de-wad if need be because the mayhem continues through Nov. 1st. Huzzah!

If you're too terrified to leave Durham you can redeem yourself this 3rd Friday from 5-7pm. I have a photo in the current exhibition at the Durham Art Guild: Pixels and Grain - curated by Jeff Whetstone - as part of the Click! Triangle Photography Festival. I'll be there until 7:00 then head over to Golden Belt to chillax in my studio until 9:00. Of course you're invited, goofball!