3rd Friday / CHOCOLATE

CHOCOLATE will make you go BLIND!

if you rub it in your eyes. Try slathering it on bacon instead. It's more delicious and less hazardous - unless you poke yourself in the eye with it. Aim for your pie-hole instead. It isn't just for pies you know. And don't go running around poking other people in the eye with it either. Eye-hole = NO! Pie-hole = YES! Got it? Good! You're welcome. Moving on. 

New exhibition: I have two of my stuffed animal photos in an exhibition at the Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, NJ: "What's So Funny?" - Humor in Art. May 9 - June 22, 2014 

Huzzah! It's 3rd Friday at Golden Belt studios in downtown Durham. "Again?" Shut your mouth! You mean FINALLY! 6-9 pm. Be there or just because. Or something. 

If you still insist on rubbing something in your eyes, use these snazzy new images instead. Hopefully they won't make you go blind. (no promises!)

The second image below is from a new series entitled "Talkboards". More to come!  



"  Innocence, In A Sense  " acrylic on linen strips stretched over canvas 42x16 in.

"Innocence, In A Sense"
acrylic on linen strips stretched over canvas
42x16 in.

 "  Is It Never Yet?  " chalk, blackboard paint on masonite. 36x24 in. 

 "Is It Never Yet?"
chalk, blackboard paint on masonite.
36x24 in. 

3rd Friday / Puppies and Kittens

FREE! Puppies and kittens...

will be fighting the first rounds of a Fluffy Death Match Royale in my studio/arena tomorrow night (3rd Friday) from 6-9 pm. Tickets are FREE! The prizes consist of tennis balls and paper bags. Winners get to choose the prize of their liking! They're welcome! Side note: Gambling is illegal so there won't be any of that going on. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Know what I mean? Say no more. Carry on.

I almost forgot! The first five spectators through the door get a free beer, to share amongst themselves. Who loves ya?!

These photos are from our trip to DC last week. Fertile ground!

Be multiple and fruit fly.

Indubitably Yours,

"  How Many?  "   photography   2014   

"How Many?"

"Bench With A View"   photography   2014

"Bench With A View"

3rd Friday / twerking in a man-thong

Well, why didn't you say so?

So you're tired of looking at static art on the walls? This 3rd Friday (yup, this one) I'll be twerking in a man-thong to Justin Bieber's reading of the Gettysburg Address which he recorded during his Miami jail visit. You can watch this amazing performance for the low, low cost of a $buck per twerk. Whoa! You're welcome! There will also be static art on the walls to cleanse your eyes.

The first image is a sculpture I made specifically for a museum exhibition that got canceled. "Well that sucks!" Right? All is not lost. It provided me the opportunity to make something completely different. This is the first time I've incorporated writing into my visual work. I've included more photos and the entire text copy on my blog. Check it out when you've finished milking your cat. blah, blah, blog

I have two works (below) in the Durham Art Guild's current juried exhibition Face to Face: a photo I took of my lovely wife Martha and my dartboard self-portrait. The opening reception is this 3rd Friday from 5-7pm. I'll be there kissing hands and shaking babies before I head to my studio at Golden Belt for the final two hours of the evening: 7-9pm. You can click this link to see all of the participating artists. Face to Face exhibition info

I'll also be in two exhibitions next month (April) in Raleigh.

Remember, no matter where you've been, there you were.


" The Social Shredder " acrylic paint and vinyl on wood 70 x 24 in. 2013 

"The Social Shredder"
acrylic paint and vinyl on wood
70 x 24 in.

" Artsy Martha "  photography  2013

"Artsy Martha"

"My Third Eye Is A Bullseye "  self-portrait, dartboard, dart   2013

"My Third Eye Is A Bullseye"
self-portrait, dartboard, dart

The Social Shredder

This is a sculpture I made specifically for a museum exhibition that got canceled. "Well, that sucks!" Right? All is not lost. It provided me the opportunity to make something completely different. This is the first time I've incorporated writing into my visual work. But not the last. The full text copy is below.

"The Social Shredder", paint and vinyl on wood, 70x24 in.

Sculpture text:

$ Thanks for loaning me your car! Sorry I wrecked it. Unfortunately I don't have any insurance. I’ll pay you back for the deductible as soon as I find a job. Can I borrow your riding lawnmower?

$  What money? 

$  It’s only money.

$  I spent all day last week trying to find you the perfect gift. You’re so hard to buy for! I just know you’re going to love it! But if you don’t, I left the receipt in the gift box in case you’d rather have the cash instead. Just ignore the price. You’re worth every penny! Really?! I’m so glad you like it! OK, my turn. I’m so excited! Oh, look. It’s a $15 gift card to Arby’s. Aw. You remembered that I get hungry sometimes. How thoughtful of you. I guess they have a vegetarian menu now? You’re so sweet. You shouldn’t feel guilty just because I spent more money on you than you did on me. That’s not important. It’s the thought that counts! You’re welcome!

$  Can you lend me some more money? 

$  Have you noticed how many more friends we have since we won the lottery? 

$  MONEY! 

$  What?! $600?! You only charged Bob $400! WTF?! I thought I was your friend. 

$  It’s not about the money. 

$  It’s all about the money!

$  Honey! We can't afford to go out for dinner this month. The boss's triplets are selling Girl Scout Cookies again. We have to buy from all three of them individually.  He won’t give us a raise but he expects us to give our money to his spoiled little brats. Why can’t the bastard just buy them all himself and give each of us a box instead? And, on top of that, we’re expected to pitch in to buy his birthday and Christmas gifts. What do we get? A piece of cake! 

$  How much is that painting you gave us for our wedding worth now? Do you mind if I sell it? We want to buy something expensive that we’ll only use once and then donate it. 

$  Bachelorette party: $150; travel: $400; bridal shower & gift: $175; travel: $400; bridesmaid dress: $200; shoes and accessories: $185; salon: $100; travel: $490; hotel: $160; your wedding: a small fortune! Congratulations! Enjoy your three-week honeymoon in Paris! I’ll be home using my credit card statement as a blanket. 

$  You don’t have to pay me back. We’re friends! I know I told him he didn’t have to pay me back but I didn’t think he actually wouldn’t. What a dick! 

$  I don’t need your money! 

$  I just gave you money!

$  Sorry I can’t pay my share of the rent again. The Giants lost. Blame them.

$ Since we’re brothers-in-law now, how about giving me a raise at the office.

$ Oops!  I forgot my wallet again. I’ll pay you back this time!

3rd Friday / XOXO


Happy belated (sorry about that) Valentine's Day! I guess.

Now that we have that awkwardness out of the way, let's get down to business. I'll try to keep this brief. Some people only want to look at stuff and not feel obligated to read, whether or not they even can. Just kidding! You guys are great!

In case you weren't counting, it's 3rd Friday (I think....yup!) at Golden Belt studios in downtown Durham from 6-9pm! 35 studios filled with... ARTISTS! Wow! "Are they tame?" little Timmy might ask. Well of course we...they are.

This new painting is the result of the small test image that I sent you last month. (I hope you're keeping track. There will be a quiz soon on the images from my I Get All of These Ideas From the Outer-space Donkey Overlord period.)

The other two images are photos, obviously, just like it says below them. I've updated the photo gallery on my Web site. There are several images that haven't been in any of my emails. You can check them out in-between Olympic events. My favorite event so far? Watching water freeze. Who knew it would be more thrilling than ice dancing? I did!!!!

Look. Rinse. Repeat.


" Separation Collider " acrylic on linen strips stretched over linen 48x36 in.

"Separation Collider"
acrylic on linen strips stretched over linen
48x36 in.

" Snonut "  photography  2014


" Snow Rack "  photography  2014

"Snow Rack"

3rd Friday / Boring

I Have Nothing....

humorous to say this month! Sorry. Pretend this sentence is HILARIOUS!

Happy New Year!

This Friday is the first 3rd Friday of 2014 at Golden Belt studios in downtown Durham from 6-9pm! 35 studios filled with ARTISTS! WOW! That's a lot of artists!

The first image is an EXPERIMENT using painted tape strips used for masking the edges of paintings on paper. I was hoping to finish the actual painting (48x36 in. linen paint strips stretched over linen.) in time for this email. But It didn't happen, obviously. Next time!


" Strip Test 1 " acrylic on tape on paper 5x2.5 in.

"Strip Test 1"
acrylic on tape on paper
5x2.5 in.

3rd Friday / Zombies

Seasoned Greetings!

Baby, it's cold outside! But don't roast your nuts on an open fire, no matter what the song says! And if someone is nipping at your nose, make sure you trust them. You never know, a stranger might consider nipping as chewing (see below). Offer them a stick of gum instead. Safety first!

This Friday is the last 3rd Friday of 2013 at Golden Belt studios in downtown Durham! 35 studios filled with INSANE ARTISTS! Consider it an open house at the psych ward. Or maybe as a pass to visit monkeys inside their cages at the zoo. CAREFUL! They might fling poo at you if you look them in the eyes.

I will be accepting FREE BEER and LOBSTERS at my studio. Bring a bucket full of each and receive an autographed thank you note written on a dirty napkin. Oh my! You're welcome!

I'm currently doing a series of baseball card-sized paintings for the Holidays. I'll have several of them displayed for 3rd Friday at the low, low price of $25 (unframed). I wanted to offer affordable, original art as a way of saying thanks to everyone that has supported and encouraged me over the years! Every year keeps getting better and better! Thank you!

BUT WAIT! There's more. I also have paintings in the annual Winter Show at Greenhill in downtown Greensboro, NC. Three of the four paintings sold before the opening! It's an amazing exhibition of 130 of NC's best artists (and me) in a large beautiful gallery. I'm honored to be included! The exhibition is up until January 12th, 2014. Check it out!

May your New Year be ZOMBIE free!


" Give It To Me Straight "  photography   2013

"Give It To Me Straight"

"Exhaustion"  photography   2013


3rd Friday / WTF?


That's right. Why The Frown? Oh, you must've heard I won't be at my studio this 3rd Friday. Well, that makes sense. Turn that frown upside down. I'll be back soon! But don't let my absence stop you from going to Golden Belt anyway, unless you only come by for my booze (you know who you are). BTW - I keep the door locked.

I have a new painting to share but sadly, no photo. (Remember what I said about frowning?!)  This time you'll have to use your own imagination. Pretend I painted something real purdy.

If you still open these emails, you might have noticed I've been doing a fair amount of photography lately. Still loving the hell out of it too! I haven't stopped painting, nor do I plan to, but I also can't ignore the alternating sources of inspiration as they appear. Ride the pony while it's hot. And I must say I am very excited about the stuffed animal series. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them.


" National Champions " mixed media 2013

"National Champions"
mixed media

"  Cat or Pillar?  "    photography   2013

"Cat or Pillar?"

NC Art Outreach Program

I was one of 20 NC artists selected to present their work again in front of a panel of arts professionals. Sixty artists participated in the first round of presentations. This time the panel will consist of art professionals from NYC. The presentations will occur on April 23, 2013 at the Greensboro Cultural Center. I am thrilled and honored to have been one of the twenty selected. Now it's time to practice! A giant thanks to Edie Carpenter for organizing this event! Edie is the Director of Curatorial & Artistic Programs of the Green Hill Center for NC Art in Greensboro, NC.

The panelists are: Lilly Wei, Peter Plagens, Miles Manning

Another juried exhibition!

My dartboard self-portrait was accepted into the Visual Art Exchange's juried exhibition Unfettered. "We are looking for your most innovative use of materials and ideas. There are no theme or media restrictions." This seemed like the perfect piece for this show. I'm psyched it was accepted. I love this piece. The juror was Katharine Adkins, Assistant Curator of Exhibitions, The Nasher Museum of Art.

Opening reception and awards presentation: Friday, April 5, 2013 - 6-9pm

More info and a list of other participating artists: The Visual Art Exchange

"My Third Eye Is A Bullseye" mixed media, 13x13 in., 2013

"My Third Eye Is A Bullseye"
mixed media, 13x13 in., 2013

Fun with camera apps

Just starting to play around with a new app on the iPhone that mimics old tintype cameras. Fun!

"Rainy Squirrel Turds"
Feb. 2013

"Messtop Desktop"
Feb. 2013

Yes, my desk is that messy and disorganized!

Raleigh Fine Arts Society

I just had a painting accepted into the RFAS's 2013 NC Artists Exhibition. It's the first time I've ever been accepted into this show! They selected this painting. It's one of 72 selected out of 423 pieces submitted.

March 10th - May 2, 2013
Opening Reception: Sunday, March 10th, 2:00-5:00pm

Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts
Betty Ray McCain Gallery
2 East South Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

This Had A Great Title But I Forgot It
acrylic on linen, 36x36 in., 201

New Painting: b&w untitled

It's a crappy image but I wanted to show it anyway. The actual painting is in focus. I'm dabbling with black and white again just for yucks. I'm pretty sure it's finished but I'm not stretching it yet. My piece of shit stretcher bars warped!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

As of yet untitled acrylic on linen, 12x44 in.

As of yet untitled
acrylic on linen, 12x44 in.

The Green Hill Center

For some reason I had the balls to submit some work samples to be considered for giving a presentation in front of a panel and many other artist. Since I'm terrified of speaking in public I don't know why I applied. Fortunately, I was one of 60 NC artists chosen to present. My mind-numbingly talented artist friend Heather Gordon was also selected. The Green Hill Center for NC Art in Greensboro, NC organized the event.

We both gave our presentations on Saturday, Feb. 16th. Heather kicked ass as always and I felt pretty good about mine as well except for the nervousness. They will select 20 artists of the 60 that participated to give a presentation in front of a different panel from NY. I'll find out by the end of this week if I made the cut.

First two paintings of 2013

"  Two Blue For the New Year  " acrylic on canvas, 12x9 in., 2013

"Two Blue For the New Year"
acrylic on canvas, 12x9 in., 2013

My mother-in-law bought me two tubes of blue paint and a canvas for Christmas. I was given orders to only use those two shades of blue and nothing else. I was yearning for a red or magenta but I relented and followed the rules. It was a great challenge!

"  Hammer Clouds  " acrylic on linen, 32x24 in., 201

"Hammer Clouds"
acrylic on linen, 32x24 in., 201

This painting was accepted into the Frank Gallery juried exhibition entitled Blue. Exhibition continues until March 3, 201. It's a great show! You should see it even if you don't like this one.

I have talented friends

My friend Helen Griffin made this lino-cut of me from a photo she took. I think it's awesome, not just because of the subject, which goes without saying of course, but I think she really captured me well. Mad skills Helen!

Lino-cut by Helen Griffin.

Hello 2013!

And so long 2012. You were one of the best years of my career! So get your shit together 2013. You have some big shoes to fill.

New Year's goal: To make 100 pieces of art. They don't all have to be great and I'll warn you that some of them could totally suck. But just creating them is the goal. Wish me luck and send some beer! I need magic juice to create. Just kidding. But not about sending me beer.

YAY! New Web site!!!!

It's been years in the making but it's finally finished! More image galleries and the ability to view them on iOS devices. Kiss my ass Flash! Now it will be easier for me to keep my blog active with current events. You might notice a massive gap between previous post beyond this one. Or not. Why would you?

New Exhibition: Durham Art Guild

My newest exhibition is currently on display at the Durham Art Guild until May 27th, 2012. The opening reception is this Friday, April 20th from 5:30-7:30. Afterwards I'll be at my studio in Golden Belt until 9:00 for the remainder of 3rd Friday. I'll be showing with three other artists at the DAG during this same period: Kelly Cross, Linwood Hart and sculptor Renee Leverty.

Durham Art Guild - 2012 exhibition - Warren Hicks, Kelly Cross, Renee Leverty and Linwood Hart.

Durham Art Guild - 2012 exhibition - Warren Hicks, Kelly Cross, Renee Leverty and Linwood Hart.

NC Museum of Art - exhibition installation

El Anatsui exhibition installation, April, 2012. Tom Lopez, Jonathan Brilliant, Drew Robertson, me, Michael Klauke and I forgot her name.

El Anatsui exhibition installation, April, 2012. Tom Lopez, Jonathan Brilliant, Drew Robertson, me, Michael Klauke and I forgot her name.

I spent a week at the museum helping install the current exhibit by El Anatsui - one of contemporary art’s most celebrated practitioners—from his early woodwork in Ghana to today’s metal wall sculptures created in his studio in Nigeria. It is always fun to work with everyone at the museum. I'll be back in July to pack up the show. I'm glad because it pays well!

Stacey Kirby, me (with the beard) and the registrar from the African Art Museum in NYC. (Still can't remember her name).

Stacey Kirby, me (with the beard) and the registrar from the African Art Museum in NYC. (Still can't remember her name).

This piece consisted of around 1,200 boxes that had to be specifically placed. There were many changes that had to be made in the layout. Crazy!